Dermal Fillers Procedure Steps

Find out all the steps that you have to pass in the dermal procedure

Do you want to restore your face volume or soften the lines and wrinkles of you face?

Dermal fillers procedures are the best - the results are instant, have few risks and the recovery time is minimal.

Do you want to know the main steps of dermal fillers procedure carried out by your doctor? Here they are:

Step 1 - Facial Evaluation and Mapping

First and foremost, your doctor will prepare your facial skin by examining it. He or she will identify the areas that you need to procedure.

doctor examining patient

If you have wrinkles on your forehead or near your mouth and eyes, the doctor will be interested in such areas. The doctor will take photographs of these parts, in order to prepare them for injection for the filler.

Once the assessment is done, it's time for the next step.

Step 2 - Cleansing and Anesthetizing

You'll be cleansed on the identified areas where you will take the injection. An antibacterial agent will be used to rinse up.

You'll be chilled on your skin due to the preparation for an injection - this makes it painless.

Step 3 – The Injection

This is the step where you are fixed with the fillers.

After you have been prepared completely on your skin, it's time for injection. Their task is carried out only for a few minutes on each location.

After the injection, massaging and assessment of results are also done at this point. It's true that you will experience a number of injections at this stage. This will help your doctor achieve the desired results.

In regards to the areas that need to be treated, these processes can be done in fewer minutes - not more than an hour.

Step 4 - Recovery

This is the last step of dermal fillers procedure. You may swell on the injected area - don't worry! Your doctor can provide you with an ice pack which reduces the swellings.

It's wise to clean up your face after the procedure. You should also evade from rubbing your face, especially the areas where you were filled with products.

Immediately after the procedure, you should stay away from tiring activities till the day ends.

The above steps give you the clear process that you'll follow to make your face become smoother and free from wrinkles.

Go ahead and try it out, you will not be disappointed!